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Ice Cream Party!

27 Jun

I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream!

What kid (or adult) doesn’t love ice cream?

I was after a simple concept for my son’s 5th birthday party and after much trawling of the internet, together we decided an ice cream party was the way to go!

I had seen this cake idea on Pinterest (I can’t find the link to the original post – if you find it, I would love you to pop it in the comments so I can link it to the original creator!) and it was very easy to make and orchestrate.

Basically, the cakes are just vanilla cupcakes, iced like different flavoured cupcake and stacked on top of a waffle cone. I used silicone moulds so I could just remove and ice the whole cake including the sides. They were super easy and I think they look great! Lots of people were wondering why the cake wasn’t melting! 🙂

Ice Cream Cake



Ice cream

I also made a different batch of cupcakes and used straws and cellophane to make candles – just in case there weren’t enough!

At the party we played ‘Pin the Cherry on Top’ which we made together, and of course pass the parcel. I was able to pick up some ‘ice cream related’ prizes like erasers and hair clips from the dollar type shops.

pin the cherry on top

We also had an ice cream bar which was a great hit! We had homemade chocolate, strawberry and caramel sauces with vanilla ice cream and as many toppings as you could think of! The kids absolutely LOVED this!

All in all everyone had a great time. I highly recommend this theme. It was so much fun to plan and was enjoyable for all ages!


Oreo Pops

27 Aug

We were at Thomas’ cousin’s birthday party today. I made these Oreo Pops to take along. I saw them online a while ago and have been wanting to make them for a while. I think they were a bigger hit with the adults than the kids but the overall impression was a resounding thumbs up. We will definitely be making these again!

They are a bit fiddly but once you know the trick to them they really are quite easy to make. Don’t worry, I’m happy to share my secrets with you :-).

You will need some lollipop sticks. I bought mine from ebay but you can pick them up from cake decorating shops as well.


Oreo biscuits (I used 2 packets to get 18 pops – I had a few breakages)

400g white chocolate chips

Edible confetti or sprinkles


First you need to separate the Oreo’s. I did this by sliding a butter knife carefully between one side of the biscuits and the icing. I did break some of the biscuits but I worked out that if they aren’t too badly broken you can put them back together with the next step.

Ok, this is the secret… Melt about 100g of the chocolate and put a dollop on one half of each of the biscuits (see picture). Put a lollipop stick on top of the chocolate and sandwich with the top biscuit. Allow these to set completely.

Next, melt the rest of the chocolate, allow it to cool slightly then dip each of the pops into the chocolate. Place on a baking tray lined with baking paper to set.

Sprinkle with your choice of decorations. I refrigerated these for a couple of minutes so they set a little quicker and the chocolate didn’t run off them completely.

You will be sure to please with these! 🙂 My boys are enjoying the leftovers right now.

Choc Dipped Rainbow Marshmallows

26 Aug

It’s my niece’s birthday party this weekend. I always like to take something along for the kids, plus it’s nice to make little girly treats…

I saw a version of these marshmallows online a while ago. They are really simple (a little bit fiddly) and look great.

My niece is a Littlest Pet Shop fan so I found some  little pictures online and printed them to attach to a toothpick to make the little sticks. It’s amazing what a toothpick with a picture on it can do to food for kids. Just makes it all that little bit more enticing. Her face when she saw them was priceless :-).

Ingredients to make 20 marshmallows:

20 x Marshmallows

150g White chocolate chips

100’s & 1000’s


Over a saucepan of boiling water (take off heat first), melt chocolate stirring constantly with a spoon.

Let chocolate cool and harden slightly until it is workable (you want it to not be too runny so it stays on the marshmallow).

Dip marshmallow to half way in melted chocolate and then dip in 100’s & 1000’s.

Stick toothpicks in and allow to set.

You could do these to fit with any colour scheme for your party and also use milk chocolate. They were a hit with the kids!

Pyjama Party Play Date

29 May

We have regular play dates with our neighbours. The kids have recently become quite interested (bordering on obsessed in Thomas’ case) in each others pyjama’s so we thought it would be fun to have a pyjama party.

I wanted to make some fun food for our pyjama party to make it extra special…

Savouries to start with:-

Savoury Stars and Moons

These are really easy to make and you could do them for any theme.

They are just puff pastry cut into shapes of your choice (in this case stars and moons), put some grated cheese on to the star or moon, brush the edges with a slightly beaten egg and place a star or moon on top, push down around the edges, brush top with egg wash, sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake in a moderate oven for approximately 10 mins.

Then on to the sweet stuff…

Bacon and Eggs

These were just too cute. I found them online somewhere and adapted my own version. They are chocolate wafer biscuits – split in half. Melt some white chocolate and allow to harden slightly, dollop some chocolate onto middle of wafer and put an m&m in the middle… Voila! 

Teddies in Blankets Cupcakes

We had a great morning. The kids loved wearing their pj’s for the morning. It was really easy to get ready in the morning too!

I think the Mum’s were a bit more excited than the little ones :-). We are going to have some more themed play dates… Have you got any suggestions? Would love to hear them!

Party Teacups

11 Feb

I saw these at a party years ago and have made them a few times to take to little girls parties along the way. They are really easy to make, they take a little time but are worth it… They look great and taste good too :-).


1 packet ‘tic toc’ biscuits (or hundreds and thousands biscuits)



Musk life savers cut in half

Vanilla icing (I buy a ready made one but you could make your own)

What you do:

Using the picture as a guide, spread a little icing on each piece to hold together teacups and saucers. That’s it – doesn’t get any easier than that (and you usually have lots of goodies left over to munch on…)

Elmo Biscuits

8 Feb

Clever Claire of “Claire’s Sneaky Sausage Rolls” made these fantastic biscuits perfect for the little Elmo fan…

What You Need:

Milk Arrowroot Biscuits

White Marshmallows

Orange M&M’s or Smarties


Red food colouring

Black writing icing (you can buy it in a tube in the supermarket)

What you do:

Using picture as a guide…

Ice one side of the biscuits

Cut marshmallows in slices to make eyes and place on biscuits

Put M&M’s on for noses

Draw on mouth and pupils on eyes with writing icing.

Thanks Claire 🙂

Teddy Racing Cars

8 Feb

I thought it would be a good idea to add some ideas for kids party foods. These are not healthy options although I might find some healthier foods. They are more novelty foods that kids will LOVE!


What you need:

Mini mars bars

Honey Tiny Teddies

Coloured Smarties

Pre-made chocolate icing

To assemble:

Using picture as a guide…

Cut a slit in the mars bar and push tiny teddy into hole.

Attach 4 wheels and steering wheel to the mars bar in the appropriate place.