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Apple Pear and Celery Juice

22 Aug

We were lucky to be given a juicer recently. We had one years ago but threw it out because we didn’t use it. They aren’t cheap. Thomas likes to have a juice of a morning and I’m happy for him to have one – even happier if it’s freshly squeezed – especially with some vegies added!

Juicing fruit and vegetables isn’t an ideal way of consuming your 2 fruit and 5 vegetable serves per day because the juicing process ┬áremoves the fibre but it certainly helps to contribute essential vitamins to the diet, and if it helps you get some extra vegies into your kids diets, why not!

There are numerous combinations of juice that you can have. You are only limited by your imagination really.

It’s also a great way for getting children to try new flavours and vegetables. They seem to be a little less concerned by the word ‘juice’ compared with ‘vegetable’.

I saw a great idea recently online where you juice a whole lot of different fruits and vegetables and allow children to mix their own. This would be a wonderful opportunity for kids to see which flavours they like and give them some independence in the kitchen.

Thomas’ favourite is apple and pear. It’s a beautiful green colour which is also his favourite colour. Shhhh… don’t tell him it’s also got celery in it!

You could make up some great names for your juices too. We just call this apple and pear. ­čÖé super creative!

Into a juicer place

1 apple

1 pear

1 stick of celery

Makes approximately 2 serves. Best consumed fresh.

Do you have any favourite juice combinations? I would love to hear them!