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Aussie Cake Pops – our modern day take on the humble lamington

25 Jan

I first saw Cake Pops on Bakerella’s website and thought they were great. I haven’t been ready to take on the challenge though. They are super cute but look so complicated so I have been working up to it.

I wanted to do something different but Australian for Australia Day so using the cake pop concept, we made these lamington inspired Aussie Cake Pops. They turned out ok for a first attempt… They do taste yummy!

Ingredients: (these ingredients made 15 pops)

1 quantity of cake mix (I used a packet sponge for this one but you could use any type of cake)

1 quantity of frosting (I used a White Wings packet mix)

300g white chocolate

3 cups dessicated coconut

Green and Yellow food colouring

15 Lollipop sticks (from cake decorating shops)


Cook cake as per instructions and allow to cool completely.

Crumble cake into a bowl and add frosting. Mix together using a wooden spoon or your hands.

Melt a little chocolate in a bowl over boiling water.

Roll cake and frosting mixture into balls approximately 3cm in diameter.

Dip tip of lollipop stick into chocolate and push cake ball onto the stick.

Put cake pop into styrofoam to sit.

Repeat with rest of mixture.

Put cake pops into freezer for 15 minutes to set.

In the mean time, melt rest of chocolate, add a few drops of green food colouring to half of the coconut and mix with a fork. Repeat with rest of coconut and yellow food colouring.

Dip each cake pop in chocolate to cover. Then coat in coconut.

Stand in styrofoam to set.

This is my interpretation of the instructions on the Bakerella website. There are also video tutorials on the website if you need better directions!

This was a messy experience. It was quite time consuming and I didn’t really know what I was doing. These cake pops are very basic (if you take a look at the ones on the Bakerella website you will see what I’m talking about!). These are my tips and things I would do differently next time….

1. Refrigerate the cake and frosting mixture for approx 15 minutes after mixing it together. I had a few balls sliding down the lollipop sticks because the frosting was too soft from me working with it.

2. Don’t make the cake balls any bigger than 2-3cm in diamteter Otherwise they are too big and fall off the stick.

3. Get some styrofoam blocks that are quite deep – a similar size to a brick. Pierce the styrofoam with a skewer before pushing the lollipop stick into it.

4. Use a deep bowl like a ramekin to put chocolate in for dipping. That way when you dip the pop, you don’t have to move it around in the chocolate. I had a few crumble off the stick because of this.

So these are my tips. Have you made anything like this before? Do you have any tips? Would love to hear them!

Happy Australia Day everyone!!!