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Christmas Story Advent Calendar

29 Nov

Ok, this is totally unrelated to cooking with kids but I had to share it…

I absolutely love Christmas and now I have a little person to share it with (and to spoil) it is even better. When I saw this idea originally in Pinterest I knew it was going to fast become a Christmas tradition for us.

The idea is an advent calendar of wrapped up Christmas stories – your child can open a new book each night at bedtime and for the lead up to Christmas, you read a new Christmas story each night. I was so excited! What child doesn’t love opening presents?

What you will need:

24 Christmas related stories – if you are having trouble collecting 24, try your local library or op shop. Even supermarkets, K-mart or Target have some cheap Christmas books. Make sure if you do borrow from the library that you strategically place those ones near the top so they can be returned by the due date!

This is our selection.

Wrapping paper

For our advent calendar, I also numbered 24 Christmas baubles (or naubles as Thomas calls them) and a small Christmas tree decorated with battery operated lights. Thomas can hang the numbered ‘nauble’ on the tree each night when he opens his story.

What you do:

Wrap each book individually and pile on top of each other. Number them any way you like – with a bauble or you could use a gift tag type numbering system. What ever you choose.

Open one book each night with your child and read it together.

There are so many things to be learnt from this simple activity – fine motor skills, numeracy, literacy, relationship and self esteem building.

He hasn’t seen it yet :-). I’m so excited :-)!


“Can we lick the spoon now?” by Carol Goess

11 Sep

This is a great little book to introduce children to cooking. The children are looking for something to do so with some help they make a cake…

I love the text in this book. There’s lots of very descriptive language used throughout and a very simple story line. You could do some great actions whilst reading this book and really get the children involved.

“In goes the butter. Beat, beat, beat.

In goes the sugar. Whip, whip, whip …”

I’m not sure about the ending of the book (a very sneaky four legged friend eats the cake – I was a bit disappointed about that) but the story throughout makes up for that and it comes with a delicious chocolate cake recipe!

You can’t beat that!

This story would be great for the 2-5 year old age group.