Millones Man

19 Mar

I know, I know I’ve been VERY quiet lately! I’m finding it difficult to blog now as Thomas no longer has a day sleep and by the time he goes to bed I can’t think any longer! My brain (and body) is dead and just wants to zone out.

My little man is 4 now. He is still as busy as ever and so curious about everything! You know, things the average 4 year old wants to know like how does the water come out of the tap, where does it come from, how does the rain fall from the sky, how did he get out of my tummy, what does that sign say, what does that word mean… The list goes on and on – and so do the questions!

Did you know the average 4 year old asks between 430 – 450 questions each day??? I think Thomas asks that before breakfast! 🙂

Anyway, we have still been cooking although, until recently not as much. I don’t think the mixing and measuring was quite challenging enough for him!

Last week he decided he wanted to help me cook a real meal. So together we cooked broccoli and chicken pasta. Just as we were about to serve it, Thomas decided he wanted to set the dining room up as Millones – his favourite restaurant! He made a sign up and set up some tea light candles (battery operated) and set the table. It was very cute and took our cooking to a whole new level. It also made him a lot more interested in sitting at the table!

He has since decided that he is going to have his own restaurant when he grows up that serves garlic bread and lemonade!

What have you been cooking lately with your kids?



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