Choc Dipped Rainbow Marshmallows

26 Aug

It’s my niece’s birthday party this weekend. I always like to take something along for the kids, plus it’s nice to make little girly treats…

I saw a version of these marshmallows online a while ago. They are really simple (a little bit fiddly) and look great.

My niece is a Littlest Pet Shop fan so I found some  little pictures online and printed them to attach to a toothpick to make the little sticks. It’s amazing what a toothpick with a picture on it can do to food for kids. Just makes it all that little bit more enticing. Her face when she saw them was priceless :-).

Ingredients to make 20 marshmallows:

20 x Marshmallows

150g White chocolate chips

100’s & 1000’s


Over a saucepan of boiling water (take off heat first), melt chocolate stirring constantly with a spoon.

Let chocolate cool and harden slightly until it is workable (you want it to not be too runny so it stays on the marshmallow).

Dip marshmallow to half way in melted chocolate and then dip in 100’s & 1000’s.

Stick toothpicks in and allow to set.

You could do these to fit with any colour scheme for your party and also use milk chocolate. They were a hit with the kids!


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