Pizza Party Playdough

12 Jul

Thomas and I made this playdough before our Pizza Party with the thought that we would play with it at the pizza party. We didn’t. We just didn’t get time! There was too much pizza making going on to play with playdough!

So, we brought it home and after a rest, Thomas and I created our own pizza restaurant. He had a fantastic time role playing making the pizza and exploring the making of the pizza’s all over again. My little guy loves imaginative play at the moment. He’s always thinking up new games that involve his dolls or little people so this was right up his alley!

Now pizza playdough isn’t at all difficult. I used the Imagination Tree’s 4 minute no cook playdough which I LOVE! It lasts for so long and is so versatile I don’t think I’ll ever bother with another playdough recipe!

And to this recipe, we just added some oregano leaves that we picked from our garden. You could use any herbs you like really. Rosemary and parsley would also be good ones. I kept some leaves and Thomas enjoyed adding them as he was making his pizza.

We also used our cardboard oven that we made ages ago. It has stood the test of time and comes in handy when we do imaginary cooking like this, although it is a bit of a pain to store!

We had a great afternoon playing with this playdough. Thomas used his fine motor skills and large muscles to cut and roll the dough. The language and conversation being had was wonderful. To extend this experience we might make some menus and have some paper and pens to take orders – and make a ‘real’ restaurant. Or we might make some different coloured playdough to add different toppings to our pizza’s.


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