Cook With Kids Imaginative Play

10 Jan

We had a quiet day at home today and with some empty boxes lying around it was a great day for creating something. Kids love boxes – they love painting them, climbing in them, drawing on them, putting things in them, pushing them around etc etc. The list is never ending.

Today we made an oven so we could take our cooking to another level…

First we cut out circles for the hot plates. Cutting along a line – especially a circle is quite difficult for young children so you may need to provide some assistance.

We cut a square hole in the box and attached some string so we could open the oven door. This is a step only for grown ups – I used a stanley knife to cut out the hole and put in some small holes for the string.

Then glued the hot plates onto the box

The finished product

I got out some recipe books for Thomas to look through and decide what he would like to cook

We followed the recipe

Put our food in the oven to cook

And turned it on.

We had so much fun creating our oven and playing with it. There are so many skills that Thomas was developing during this activity – fine motor skills, imagination, language and literacy skills, hand eye co-ordination, working together, following instructions to mention a few.

What big box craft have you done?


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