Measuring Cups for Kids

15 Sep

Thomas is really interested in signs and what things say at the moment. This is a developmental stage in early literacy development where children realise that print carries a message. They begin to recognise writing as a pattern and will often start to experiment with trying to ‘write’ words on their own drawings. This concept, usually develops in children 2-3 years and is the beginning of getting ready to read.

Along with gaining an awareness of print, Thomas is also recognising numbers in the environment. He is able to recognise his number 1-9 and will identify numbers he is seeing in the environment. This is a very exciting stage of development.

To further extend this awareness of numbers in the kitchen, I have labelled our measuring cups clearly so he can begin to identify to measurements on them. This is really simple to do.

What you need:

Clear sticky tape

Black permanent texta

Measuring cups

What you do:

Ensure your measuring cups are clean and dry.

Place a small amount of tape on the side of each of the measuring cups and label with correct measurement using the texta.

The labels may start to wash off but they can be easily replaced.

Use the cups when you are cooking. Ask you child to find the one that says “1/3 cup” etc. Discuss with them which one is bigger so they begin to see the variations in size.

Children will be learning number recognition, size concepts, fraction awareness not to mention all the skills they learn from the cooking experience.


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