Cheese, Vegemite and Avocado Sandwiches

24 Feb

Interesting combo I hear you say…. It’s Thomas’ favourite (and a winner with the rest of the family).

This was just too funny not to share. As usual when I start to do something in the kitchen, Thomas came running when I started to make his lunch saying “help help”. So up he climbed on his little step. I held his hand to spread the cream cheese on the bread and then we did the same with the vegemite. Then I turned my back and Thomas added the avocado. I turned around and this is what I found…

Thomas was looking very pleased with himself and saying “I did, I did” (yes, that is a whole avocado on a slice of bread). I had to laugh (and take some pics!).

So I guess in sharing this with you I’d like to say to you that cooking with kids doesn’t have to be some extravagant experience. Just daily meal preparation such as making sandwiches or buttering toast can be a cooking experience. From doing these activities, children will be learning important learning life skills and independence, hand eye co-ordination and fine motor skills. Not to mention developing their self esteem in that they will feel a sense of achievement in being able to do something for themselves (and also for you).

I helped Thomas to spread the cream cheese onto the bread by putting the knife in his hand and holding it with him. Older children could do it by themselves. We did the same with the vegemite and avocado and then I grated some cheese on top. Sometimes I cut the sandwich into shapes using cookie cutters – just for a change…

Some other sandwich ideas…

  • Mashed banana, cottage cheese, sultanas and honey – Thomas loves this also
  • Tuna, baby spinach and chopped tomato – mix tomato, chopped spinach and tuna with some mayonnaise (about 1 tablespoon) and spread onto the bread
  • Carrot (grated), sultanas and cottage cheese
  • and vegemite, cream cheese, avocado and grated cheese (as above)

Just a couple of variations on the boring old sandwich… Have you got any sandwich suggestions to share that your kids enjoy? Would love to hear them.


2 Responses to “Cheese, Vegemite and Avocado Sandwiches”

  1. kerry melgaard February 24, 2011 at 2:33 am #

    Very funny….

  2. Emily @ NeedsMoreSugar March 9, 2011 at 12:54 am #

    Awww Big T – you’re the cutest. šŸ™‚

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